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As a non-surgical process, SMP is able to restore receded hairlines, fill in thinning hair, disguise the bald crown area, our scatter texture effect rejuvenates both hairlines and our clients, reversing the effects that baldness and thinning hair can have on an individual’s self-confidence.

Located in the artsy Wynwood area, this modern Scalp Micropigmentation clinic blends expertise and experience to provide the full transformation.


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Jasmyne I. Cintron

Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist

Her work is focused on producing life changing quality results and making a significant impact.  Besides her 8 national Scalp Micropigmentation certifications she is distinguished by her professionalism, enthusiastic & caring spirit in all South Florida.

Top 3 Studio fully licensed, certified & insured in all Miami.

“Jasmyne is an artist with an naturalistic design and delicate handling”

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